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Donna Susan

Songs : AppleMusic

Performing: YouTube

WRITING became a passion by age 8 when she received a diary as a gift. 
Turning 10 yrs old, a guitar from her parents was a birthday wish come true. 
Donna began learning piano & violin in 3rd grade, switching to viola at age 12. 
She enjoyed playing strings in the orchestra & singing in school concerts until the end of High School.

DONNA SUSAN HALPERIN studied performance techniques, scene study and improvisation at HB Studio in Manhattan. 
She performed at The KGB Bar | Red Room on East 4th Street in the improvisation group The Barefoot Gestalt.

SHE embraced the singer songwriter scene in NYC’s Lower East Side, performing in guest appearances & solo shows at local bars and cafés like The C-Note, Bar 82, Otto’s Shrunken Head, ZirZamin, and Desmond’s Tavern.


Early days. Still holding the lyrics. UH OH. Jim’s singing a different song.

Donna Susan’s artistry from childhood started to reawaken in the late 1990’s upon discovering her love with MSPaint.

Intrepid, wryly humorous oldschool acoustic folk-punk songwriter ” – New York Music Daily July 24th, 2014

Understatedly dark tunesmith, sense of humor, lovely voice, catchy tunes, what’s not to like?” – New York Music Daily January 18th, 2014

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